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Gus's Painting Service provides a reliable and honest service that gets your find a painting mentor project done in a timely manner. Gus's Painting Service stands behind our work and we strive to make it as easy as possible to complete your find a painting mentor project with the least amount of hassle. Gus's Painting Service only employs the best quality of people to serve you. If you are looking for assistance on a find a painting mentor project, please call Gus's Painting Service at 313-909-2890.
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Gus's Painting Service specializes in many find a painting mentor services. Our speed and quality are unmatched in the industry. We stick it out until the find a painting mentor project is done. Gus's Painting Service will go above and beyond to complete your find a painting mentor project to your satisfaction. We care about how our painting systems perform. If you need assistance with any find a painting mentor needs, please call Gus's Painting Service at 313-909-2890.
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- Exterior Painting or Staining - New
- Exterior Surfaces - Powerwashing
- Floor Cleaning and Restoration
- Interior Painting or Staining - New
- Interior Painting or Staining - Repaint
- Maintenance Painting for Retail Store and Businesses
- Metal Object or Surfaces - Paint Electrostatically
- Metal Roofing - Paint
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A part of a surface that is to be painted (or stained) on the outside of a building or house. Prep work could include scraping, sanding, wall or surface repair, taping, and priming, all of which can be done by a professional painter. Professional painters should be familiar with their equipment (scrapers, ladders, etc.) and typically would use a brush, roller, or spray gun to apply the paint or stain. Some crucial steps to make any painting project a success start with the preparation work, like the number of paint coats to apply, how much primer to use (and types of primers or paints), and what grits of sandpaper to use.

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